Phonak Roger X (02) Receiver

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The Phonak Roger X (02) Receiver is a small discrete ear level receiver that when connected to a Roger wireless microphone provides good speech and sound over distance to a person with hearing loss. The type 02 receiver connects easily to any of the Roger Microphones: Touchscreen Mic, Table Mic II, Roger inspiro, Roger On, Select, Clip-on Mic and Pass-around Mic.

The 02 is mainly used in education and has the added functionality, that the Roger X type 03 does not have, to communicate with all Roger Microphones. If you only require a receiver to work with any of the Roger On, Select, Clip-on Mic or Table Mic II then buy the Roger X (03).

The Roger X is compatible with many of the hearing aids, cochlear implant processors and Streamers that are available in the marketplace. The hearing aid and cochlear implant sound processor must be programmed for, what is commonly know, as FM. This is carried out by your audiologist or Cochlear Implant Centre. 

If your hearing aid does not have a Direct Audio Input (DAI) socket you will require an Audio Shoe adaptor to connect the Roger X (02) to your hearing aid. The Audio Shoe required is dependent on the make and model of your hearing aid. The Streamer must have a Direct Audio input socket.


The receiver is powered by the hearing aid or implant processor battery and when connected to any wireless transmitting microphone does not lose its connection setting when there is no power.

When you are wearing your hearing aid or implant processor the Roger X and the Roger wireless transmitter automatically connect when the transmitter is switched on.

The Roger digital wireless technology transmits at the licence free frequency of 2.4GHz. When using the receiver you can be, in ideal conditions, up to 20m away from the transmitting microphone.

The 02 and 03 look identical. To tell the difference look at the end where the pins are and you will see either X(02) or X(03).

The Roger X receivers are not compatible with any of the older generation of Phonak Radio Aids - SmartLink, ZoomLink, EasyLink or lower specified inspiro's.


  • 2-year return to base manufacturer's warranty

Physical Information

  • height: 9.65mm 
  • length: 9mm
  • width : 9mm
  • weight: 0.97g
  • colour: silver grey


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