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Amplified Cordless Telephones with a range of features to help individuals with hearing aids, cochlear implants and others with hearing loss keep in touch with family and friends. Features range from inductive couplers in the handsets where a hearing aid user can use their hearing aid telecoil but also have the option of increasing the volume. Some of the telephones also have large buttons, visual displays, and bright flashing ring indicators that not only benefit people with hearing loss but also those with poor manual dexterity and vision.
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£41.66 (Exc VAT)
BigTel 200 is an amplified cordless portable phone for people with hearing loss. The handset is hearing aid compatible for hearing aids and cochlear implant processors with their telecoil / loop setting activated. The big buttons and bright LCD display make the phone easy to use. There is ringer volume control, adjustable up to 80dB,...
(Exc VAT)
£49.99 (Exc VAT)
The answering machine is integrated in the Base Station and has 11 minutes of recording time for incoming calls and a two digit LED message counter. You can playback messages on the Base Station, with a handset or remotely. The date and time of the message is provided. It is supplied with...
(Exc VAT)
£74.99 (Exc VAT)
PowerTel 700, from Amplicomms, has an inductive loop built in the handset making it compatible with hearing aids and cochlear implant processors that have a T or loop setting. The callers voice can be amplified easily to 40dB and there is also a Tone Control. The phone can be used...
(Exc VAT)
£99.99 (Exc VAT)
Amplicomms PowerTel 702 is a pair of cordless amplified DECT handsets with base station charger and a charger. They are both registered to the base station charger ready for operation.The handsets are hearing aid compatible, to the highest level, and have user adjustable amplification of the callers voice making them...
(Exc VAT)
£62.49 (Exc VAT)
The AmpliDECT 285 Amplified Telephone with Integral Answering Machine is a hearing aid compatible cordless telephone with caller volume control up to 30dB and a loud visual ring indicator making it ideal for hearing aid wearers and hard of hearing people. The Amplidect 285 is easy to use with the...
(Exc VAT)
£83.33 (Exc VAT)
AMPLIDECT350 Twin Version with has two handsets,with the same functionality and already registered with the Base.
(Exc VAT)
£83.33 (Exc VAT)
Geemarc's AMPLIDECT 400BT, not only has an inductive coupler for use with hearing aids that have the Telecoil/Loop setting but also Bluetooth connectivity for use with hearing aids that have Bluetooth and assistive technology. The AmpliDect 400 is an amplified phone that also provides a solution for people who do...
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