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Hearing aids continue to develop and change at a fast rate but one thing that doesn't change is the capability of the microphone. The telecoil has been the main function, since about the mid-seventies, that has allowed hearing aid wearers and people with cochlear implants to listen to induction loops in a wide range of places where they have difficulty in hearing especially over distance, background noise, and areas with poor acoustics.

There are hearing aids now that because of their small profile manufacturers have not included the telecoil or have made a decision not to include the telecoil in some of their hearing aids. How do people, with that type of hearing aid, have access to speech, sound, telephone, TV, mobile phone and some even have a telecoil to listen where there is an induction loop? They have produced their own devices that are now generically known as "Streamers". In place of a telecoil, in the hearing aids, there is a receiver that receives transmitted sound from the Streamer. The Streamer can be wirelessly connected to other devices the manufacturer has produced for microphones, mobile phones, landline telephones, TV, audio, Laptops, iPads to name a few.

Please remember that a manufacturer's equipment will only work with their hearing aids. If you did want to use other manufacturers' equipment the only way, at the moment, would be if the Streamer has a Direct Audio Input. This allows you to plug in the other manufacturer's universal miniature receiver. Two examples would be connecting the Phonak Roger X to the Streamer and using a Roger pen or connecting Digisystem DT20 and using a DM10 Microphone.

Why would you want to mix manufacturers? It may be situational, education or the workplace, where the Streamer Microphone only works over a shorter range and the other manufacturers' equipment works over a longer range and provides more options.

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£215.00 (Exc VAT)
The ComPilot II is a Streamer for Phonak Wireless Hearing Aid models Venture and Belong. It provides a wireless connection for Mobile Phone use via Bluetooth where you can also listen to your music. There is an audio input socket that you connect a cable to a heaphone output to listen to music...
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£305.00 (Exc VAT)
EduMic is a classroom hearing solution that transmits wirelessly the teacher’s voice to help children hear over noise, reverberation and distance in the classroom. Oticon’s pediatric hearing aids and EduMic work together to maximize children’s speech understanding for language development, learning and socializing opportunities. The EduMic has a Direct Audio Input (DAI)...
(Exc VAT)
£385.00 (Exc VAT)
The Resound Multi Mic from iHear Your hearing aids are limited in what distance the microphones can pick up sound, using the Resound Multi Mic extends that distance by up to about 25 metres. This transmitting microphone streams speech and sound, that you want to hear, directly to your ReSound...
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Streamer Pro is the communications centre for Oticon's ConnectLine wireless family of products. When a TV 2.0, Phone 2.0 or Microphone transmit to the Streamer Pro it simultaneously streams the sound or speech to wireless Oticon hearing aids. This lightweight device is worn around your neck and with the accessible buttons, it is...
(Exc VAT)
£240.00 (Exc VAT)
The Resound Phone Clip+ is a small, light-weight device that streams crystal clear phone calls and audio to your ReSound hearing aids. Whether you're in your car or on the go, attach your phone clip to your clothes or keep it in your pocket for a hands-free connection. You can also use the...
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£240.00 (Exc VAT)
Your hearing aids are limited in what distance the microphones can pick up sound, using the Resound Micro Mic extends that distance by up to about 25 metres. This transmitting microphone streams speech and sound, that you want to hear, directly to your ReSound hearing aids. The Multi Mic is discrete,...
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Oticon ConnectLine Phone 2 0 is an adaptor that allows you to make and receive phone calls by transmitting the person, on the other end of the phone call, voice to your Oticon StreamerPro which then streams the voice to your Oticon hearing aids. It is an easy setup and the Phone 2.0 is...
(Exc VAT)
£115.00 (Exc VAT)
This adaptor transmits the sound from your TV or audio to your wireless Oticon hearing aids via the ConnectLine StreamerPro.  It is easy to setup and has all the cables required, TOSLINK, SCART, Phono for different TV outputs. You have control over your personal sound volume setting. Box Content ConnectLine TV...
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