Induction Loop Installations

We have over 14 years of experience with the design, supply, installation, training and maintenance of induction loop systems throughout Scotland. Whether you operate a school or college or are refurbishing your office or retail space, induction loops help those with assistive hearing requirements hear you and your employees clearly. Induction Loop Systems are essential for ensuring you offer the most accessible customer service for employees, partners and visitors your business so get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you and your business, contact us today on 0345 6520167 or email

An Induction Loop is, at this moment, still the most freely available assistive technology for people with hearing aids, cochlear implants and Bone Attached Hearing Aids.  

The very basics of an induction loop system is a length of wire connected to an induction loop amplifier that is connected to a sound source, usually a microphone. The telecoil, in the hearing instrument, picks up the sound. Induction Loops are also known as AFILS, Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems, Hearing Loops and even Loops. Take a look at this video "How does a Hearing Loop work (induction loop, T-loop or AFILS) to assist people with hearing loss?"

Please note the video is the property and copyright of Ampetronic Ltd and cannot be used or reproduced without their express written consent.


We can also provide full training and support for induction loop systems and other equipment we supply.


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