Amplified Phones

Amplified phones are designed for people who are hard of hearing, but many have added features that are helpful for manual dexterity issues and poor vision.

Hearing Loss

You will see many of the Amplified Phones corded, cordless and mobile on this website that are hearing aid compatible. Hearing aid compatible also includes cochlear implants. Both the hearing aids and cochlear implants must have the telecoil / loop setting activated as this allows them to work with the inductive coupler that is built into the "ear" end of the handset.

The amplification varies with different models and is there to provide options for severity of hearing loss. For example, someone with mild hearing loss does not require a phone with adjustable amplification to 60dB. Equally a person with severe hearing loss will receive little or no benefit from a phone with adjustable amplification to 30dB. There is also the cost implication as the greater the amplification the greater the cost.

There are many common features on the amplified telephones such as volume control, tone control, adjustable ringer control, speakerphone, flashing ring indicator light and memory functions for emergency calls.

Manual Dexterity: the big buttons assist people with manual dexterity issues.

Poor Vision: to assist with poor vision there are phones with combinations of big buttons, larger sized numbers, screen contrast and bright light visual ring indicator.

Browse our collections of amplified phones, alerters, phone amplifiers and phone accessories featuring some of the best brands including Amplicomms, Geemarc and Phonak.




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