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Loud alarm clocks with a range of ways to get you out of bed. Amplified sound, vibrating pillow pad and bright flashing light where you can use a single function or a combination, the options is yours!! One even has a USB socket to charge your mobile phone while you sleep.

The products were developed for people with hearing loss but are used widely especially by people who don't respond to conventional alarm clocks or who like their sleep. Always remember, they have the important snooze button!

Browse our range from leading brands Sonic Alert, Geemarc and Amplicomms.

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£20.83 (Exc VAT)
Sonic Alerts robust, compact "Go Anywhere" Sonic Shaker Travel Alarm Clock. This alarm clips to your pillow, bedding or sleeping bag and wakes you with extra loud pulsating alarm and powerful vibration. This clock is easy to set and use and has a 12 hour or 24 hour clock setting....
(Exc VAT)
£37.00 (Exc VAT)
The Wake 'n' shake Curve is a variation of Geemarc's very popular Wake n Shake Alarm Clock.  This unit has a curved screen and a USB charging socket for your iPhone or Android. (USB charging cable is not included) It has a very loud alarm, 95dB's at 1m, and a...
(Exc VAT)
£23.33 (Exc VAT)
Sonic Alert Traveler Alarm Clock provides a light portable alarm option for people with hearing loss or those that need that extra something to get them out of bed. It also has the added feature of being able to charge your mobile phone at the same time. You can choose how you wake yourself...
(Exc VAT)
£29.16 (Exc VAT)
                                           *OUT OF STOCK* The TCL 210 Travel alarm clock, from Amplicomms, has integral powerful vibration, bright visual alarm alerts and is easy to set up and use. For your...
(Exc VAT)
£33.33 (Exc VAT)
Sonic Bomb alarm clock for those that need that something extra to wake them up - an extra loud user adjustable alarm sound up to 113dB. If that is not enough you can create a combination of alarm, flashing light and vibrating pad. Whether you are deaf, hard of hearing...
(Exc VAT)
£33.33 (Exc VAT)
Geemarc's very popular Wake n Shake a very loud alarm clock that has a large bright digital display. The option is there on how you would like to wake with vibration, from the under pillow vibrating pad, adjustable audible alarm or a combination of both. The clock is also supplied...
(Exc VAT)
£33.33 (Exc VAT)
Conventional analogue clock face with vibrating pillow pad.Operation:The unit is easy to set up and use.Features:Extra loud alarmVibrating padAnalogue clock face with blue backlightAlarm light flashes when alarm is activatedAdjustable volume and toneAccurate quartz movementAdjustable backlight brightnessMains poweredBattery backupContents:Sonic Classic AlarmMains AdaptorVibrating Pad
(Exc VAT)
£37.49 (Exc VAT)
Sonic Boom Dual Alarm Clock is part of the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock range from Sonic Alert. This alarm clock has a large digital display and dual alarm feature for different alarms times. The loud alarm can be adjusted to a 113dB with the volume and tone control. You can...
(Exc VAT)


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