FrontRow Juno Classroom Soundfield with Bluetooth

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FrontRow Juno provides a "front row seat" for all students regardless of where they sit in the class by gently amplifying the teacher / lecturers voice. Speech and media audio is evenly spread around the class thanks to FrontRows SonicFusion™ design that combines precisely mounted drivers with digital signal processing. The excellent clarity of speech distributed makes listening easier. There is also the added benefit of reduced vocal strain for the teacher / lecturer.

This "tower" designed soundfield can be positioned at the front of the classroom making it easier to connect to any multimedia. Although near the teacher, wearing the pendant microphone, any feedback is suppressed before it is audible. No screeching or howling.

The FrontRow Juno has audio inputs and outputs for wired connections to other equipment including a computer and Bluetooth for wireless connection including to iPhone and iPad.

I have tested the audio output with Radio Aids by connecting the Phonak Roger Pen and, then in turn, the Comfort Digisystem DC20 and DM10. This allows the teacher to provide communication, not only through the FrontRow Juno, but also to a pupil / student with hearing aids, cochlear implant or BAHA who uses a Radio Aid. This also means that they will not only hear the teachers voice but also any other audio being played that is connected to the Juno.

The Juno is backed by a 5 year warranty.

Juno Pendant Microphone:

The teacher / lecturer microphone is worn around the neck with a lanyard and has a one touch button switch that allows you to unmute / start, mute and issue voice commands to the Frontrow Juno. The voice commands include Increase or Reduce for volume and Begin or Suspend for recording. The microphone element is unidirectional cardioid, commonly used for speech pick up, that points towards the mouth. It is powered by a 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion battery. This can be charged directly from the charging point, on the side of the tower, or the Microphone Charger. (purchased separately) When the battery is low the battery indicator will flash red.

What’s supplied:    

  • ITR-01 Juno Tower Receiver

  • ITM-02 Pendant Microphone Kit

  • OptiVoice™ voice clarity feature

  • PrioriTeach™

  • Bluetooth® Audio Receiver

  • USB cable

  • Audio cables    

  • Power Supply

 Technical Specification:

Transmission type: Infrared
Receiving frequencies: 2.1MHz, 2.4MHz; (2.8MHz, 3.3MHz, 3.6MHz with ChannelExpansion Module)
Frequency response: 50Hz – 20kHz
Signal-to-noise: >70dB
THD: <1% @ 1kHz
Maximum audio output power: 40W, peak program
Power supply: 18VDC @ 3.3AMP
Size (w x h x d):
Tower without base: 19.7 x 68.6 x 16.5cm 
Tower with base: 35.6 x 71.8 x 26.7cm 
Tower without base: 5.7kg
Tower with base: 6.4kg
Operating range: 30.4m line of sight (typical)
Sound Coverage Area: 274.3m² (up to 487.6m² with speaker expansion)
IR Reception area: 487.6m² (typical)

 FrontRow Product Number: JN-SYS-BT-INT


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