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Phonak Roger Accessories including Audio Shoes, the adaptors that connect the Roger X Receiver to your hearing aids, Charging Rack to charge up to the maximum of four of any combination Touchscreen Mic, Pass-around Mic and Multimedia Hub and replacement or extra chargers, lanyards, cables.

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£12.00 (Exc VAT)
ReSound audio input shoe to adapt your hearing aid to use with an ear level receiver for example the Phonak Roger X. You will have to ask your audiologist to program your hearing aid for Roger DAI or FM Use with NHS hearing aids: ReSound Ambio 77, Ambio 88 ReSound UP967,...
(Exc VAT)
£21.84 (Exc VAT)
Oticon FM9 audio input shoe to adapt your hearing aid to use with an ear level receiver for example the Phonak Roger X.  No programming is required by audiology. Use with NHS hearing aids: Oticon Spirit Synergy , Zest, Sensei, Sensei Pro   Manufacturer's part number: FM9 Colour - Transparent    ...
(Exc VAT)
£90.00 (Exc VAT)
Space saving Charging Rack that charges up to four Phonak Roger devices at a time. This includes Touchscreen Mic, Pass-around Mic and Multimedia Hub.  
(Exc VAT)
£8.40 (Exc VAT)
Connect your Roger Select, Pen or Clip-on Mic directly to a 3,5mm audio output on your PC, laptop, MP3, TV, mobile phone, iPad to listen music, talking books, film etc.  
(Exc VAT)
Out of stock
Part of Phonak's Roger for Education the Multimedia Hub can be connected to any equipment with an audio output ranging from smartboards to computers. It can be used as a standalone transmitter, for a student with hearing loss or with the Touchscreen Mic and Digimaster Soundfield providing clear speech and...
(Exc VAT)
£75.00 (Exc VAT)
An extra or replacement Docking Station for the Roger Select and Roger Select iN. Charge the Roger Select or Select iN while listening to audio from equipment such as TV, Radio or laptop. The Docking Station can be connected to analogue or digital (Toslink) outputs. This is only the Docking Station...
(Exc VAT)


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