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A range of accessories or replacement parts for items on the ihear website. Our range of hearing equipment accessories includes Comfort Contego chargers and leads,  inductive ear hooks and hearing aid cleaners.
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£40.00 (Exc VAT)
Amplicomms DB 130 Mini is a light, portable and compact drying box for hearing aids that uses UV-C disinfection. The normal functioning of your hearing aids can be reduced by moisture and earwax. Keeping them clean and dry can make a big difference to you and help towards increasing the...
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ECM-16N Electret neckband microphone A collar worn microphone, comfortable to wear due to its ergonomic design. The combination of gooseneck and microphone ensures a secure fit and positioning of the microphone for good voice transmission. Flexible 48 cm neckband of high-quality metal gooseneck technology Cardioid polar pattern with low acoustic feedback...
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£17.00 (Exc VAT)
UK charger for the Comfort Contego Receiver and Transmitter. This Charger can also be used with the Comfort Digisytem Transmitters and Receivers. Charger model number A11.
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£47.00 (Exc VAT)
Replacement or additional Neck Loop for the Comfort Contego Receiver.
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£17.00 (Exc VAT)
The A11 Charger charges single Digisystem transmitters and receivers.Two Comfort Digisystem units (transmitters or receivers) can be charged by using the Digisystem Charger Y LeadAlso suitable for the Comfort Contego.
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£3.00 (Exc VAT)
Digisystem Charger Y Lead - allows 2 Digisystem Transmitting Microphones, 2 Digisystem Receivers or a Microphone and Receiver to be charged at the same time from one A11 Charger. Just connect the socket end to the charger lead and each split lead plug into the Transmitter and Receiver charging socket.Also suitable for the Comfort Contego Transmitter and...
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£19.25 (Exc VAT)
Inductive Ear hooks for use with behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids with the "T", Telecoil setting. The hooks are on the end of an approximately 1m lead and have a 3.5mm stereo jack plug for use with any product with a stereo headphone socket. As it is a wired connection no batteries are required....
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£17.60 (Exc VAT)
Inductive Ear hook for use with a behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid with the "T", Telecoil program. The hook is on the end of an approximately 1m lead and has a 3.5mm stereo jack plug for use with any audio product with a stereo headphone socket. As it is a wired connection no...
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