Comfort Digisystem DM20 Microphone

Digisystem DM20 is an advanced wireless microphone with a built-in receiver. Another Comfort Audio Digisystem Microphone can be used simultaneously with the DM20 when two speakers require separate microphones. For example a teacher and classroom assistant supporting a pupil with hearing aids or a cochlear implant processor wearing a Digisystem Receiver. The speech or sound from the second microphone is transmitted to the DM20 which then transmits both simultaneously to the receiver.

The DM20 is easily attached to clothes by a clip, positioned on the back side of the unit, or used with a lanyard. Alternatively, where preferred by the speaker, it can be used with an external tie clip microphone (supplied as standard) or a headset microphone (purchased separately).

The signals between the transmitter and the Digisystem Receivers can be encrypted so that no one else can overhear what is being said. The push button on the front can be easily set, with the user friendly menu, to push to talk or push to silence, on continuously.

DM20 is equipped with AGC (automatic gain control) which keeps the sound level comfortable at any time and has a line input to allow connection to other audio equipment such as TV, PC, MP3, Mixing Desk etc to transmit the sound to the receiver.

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