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A selection of Personal Listeners to amplify the sounds that you want to hear. There are also different technologies from amplifiers with built in microphones to amplifiers with Bluetooth. You have options to listen with a Neckloop or Earhook and your hearing aids in the Telecoil / Loop setting, use headphones or earphones and Bone Conduction. They are ideal for listening in everyday social and domestic situations The products help with listening to your music, talking on your mobile, exercising or having a chat with family and friends  Where your having difficulty hearing they can ensure you aren't missing out on the conversation or the mobile call! 
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£74.82 (Exc VAT)
AfterShokz Bluez 2 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones with Bluetooth are stereo headphones with a difference. Using their patent pending bone conduction technology transducers are placed in front of the ears, on the cheekbones, producing mini vibration that transmits sound through the users cheekbones to the inner ear. This leaves your...
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£91.62 (Exc VAT)
Trekz Titanium is a game changer for those who like to listen to music on the move. Based on AfterShokz suite of proprietary audio technologies, these open ear headphones deliver premium sound quality through bone conduction. Experience maximum situational awareness and increased safety when you're running, walking or biking on trails...
(Exc VAT)
£134.00 (Exc VAT)
The Comfort Duett with Headphones has good quality features providing assitive listening for people who are hard of hearing requiring some amplification. It amplifies sound picked up from its own internal microphone and can also amplify a variety of sound sources like TV, radio, telephone. There is also a built in coil...
(Exc VAT)
£158.00 (Exc VAT)
Comfort Duett with Neckloop is a discrete personal listener for hearing aid wearers who require some assistance for conversation, television and the telephone. On the front unit is easy to use ON/OFF, T (loop) and microphone options along with the larger + and - volume control buttons with illuminated LED's...
(Exc VAT)
£58.22 (Exc VAT)
The CM-BT2 Bluetooth Neckloop, from Humantechnik, provides hands free mobile phone use making and answering phone calls.This device was specially developed for people with hearing aids or cochlear implants to use in the T or Loop setting. It can also be used by anyone with headphones or earphones.You can answer...
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