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Digisystem was designed and developed by Comfort Audio AB of Sweden who are now wholly owned by Swiss company Sonova and operated under their Phonak brand. It was the world's first modular assistive hearing system to transmit using both digital sound processing and digital radio transmission with their own Secure Stream Technology (SST). This innovative assistive hearing product range of wireless radio aids puts the user in control. The Digisystem is a compatible family of transmitting microphones and receivers that work with any manufacturers hearing aids, cochlear implants and hearing aid streamers that have a Telecoil / Loop Setting or a Direct Audio Input (DAI) socket.
Their digital technology captures speech and sound with a microphone transmitter, then uses digital processing to improve the clarity of speech or sound and remove annoying background noise. The sound is then transmitted digitally using Digital Modulation (DM), crystal clear, with no time lag. The transmission is encrypted so that no one can eavesdrop on anyone using the system.

There is a choice of receivers DH10 Receiver with a Neckloop, for any hearing aid or cochlear implant that has a Telecoil / Loop Setting or DT20 Receiver for hearing aids, cochlear implant processors or hearing aid Streamers that have a Direct Audio Input (DAI). 

The range of transmitting microphones allows the user to select the microphone or microphones to create their own personal Comfort Digisystem that provides them with the best assistive hearing system for their individual requirement whether at school, college, university, in the workplace or just to improve what they hear in everyday life. 

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Digisystem Charger Y Lead - allows 2 Digisystem Transmitting Microphones, 2 Digisystem Receivers or a Microphone and Receiver to be charged at the same time from one A11 Charger. Just connect the socket end to the charger lead and each split lead plug into the Transmitter and Receiver charging socket.Also suitable for the Comfort Contego Transmitter and...
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*** No Longer Manufactured*** Digisystem wireless conference microphone DC10 provides users with hearing loss a very high quality and clarity of sound. By using the easily accessed button switches, along one of the edges, the user can set the microphones to pick up omnidirectional sound over short and long distances....
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     *** No Longer Manufactured*** DC20 Conference Microphone is part of the family of wireless hearing products known as the Digisystem, from Comfort Audio of Sweden. Comfort Audio is now owned by Phonak. This unit is a wireless microphone that provides a very high quality and clarity of sound...
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A small modern receiver the Comfort Audio Digisystem DH10, used with the supplied neckloop, receives sound from any of the microphones in the Digisystem range of wireless hearing products. The inductive neckloop transfers the sound to any hearing aid or cochlear implant processor equipped with a telecoil set to the T or loop...
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The DM10 is a very popular small flexible wireless microphone that is easily attached to clothes by a clip, on the back side of the unit, or used with a lanyard. Alternatively, where preferred by the speaker, it can be used with an external tie-clip microphone (supplied as standard) or...
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Listen and talk with one single unit. The Digisystem DM30 is a combined microphone and neckloop receiver. It works with the telecoil setting on hearing aids and cochlear implant processors. A pupil can push the push-to-talk button to respond to a question and all other microphones with FCR enabled are blocked....
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Comfort Audio's multifunctional DM90 Microphone which can also be used as a Receiver. This product, with the use of its neckloop and your hearing aid or cochlear implant processor set to the T or Loop position , can not only be used as your own personal listener for conversation but...
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Comfort Audio DT20 is a digital receiver that connects directly to hearing aids and cochlear implant processors that have Direct Audio Input. Depending on the make and model an audio shoe adaptor may be required. The DT20 works with all of the Digisytem Microphones. The excellent sound quality is due to Comfort...
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