Going forward social distancing in various formats means communication will still be impacted, especially with screens and face coverings adding physical barriers for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Our new collection has all the products you need to stay connected while social distancing. Here are just some of the products featured in our social distancing collection and how they can help you stay connected…


Induction Loops are still the most freely available assistive technology for people with hearing aids, cochlear implants and Bone Attached Hearing Aids. A person talks into a microphone, connected to the induction loop amplifier, producing a signal that connects directly to a telecoil enabled hearing aid or hearing aid accessory, allowing hearing aid wearers to listen to clear sound over distance and in background noise, especially in busy settings.

The FrontRow Juno Classroom Soundfield System provides a "front row seat" for all students, regardless of where they sit in the class, by gently amplifying the teacher / lecturer's voice. This "tower" designed soundfield can be positioned at the front of the classroom making it easier to connect to any multimedia. Soundfield Systems allow speech from the microphone user to be evenly distributed across an entire room, which is ideal for use in classrooms and meeting rooms. 

Oticon’s Streamer Pro is the communications centre for Oticon's ConnectLine wireless family of products. When a TV 2.0, Phone 2.0 or Microphone transmits to the Streamer Pro, it simultaneously streams the sound or speech to wireless Oticon hearing aids. This lightweight device is worn around your neck and with the accessible buttons, it is easy to switch between the different functions. It is powered by a rechargeable battery which has an average use of 8 hours.

Roger On Microphone is a small, wireless transmitting microphone. The different microphone settings can be manually controlled or from distance using the myRogerMic App. This microphone can be used for a main speaker or small group meetings protecting social distancing. The audio input can transmit sound to you from your TV or MultiMedia devices. The Roger On is either worn around the neck, with the lanyard provided, or clipped onto clothing, like a television newsreader, and attached to the person you would like to listen to. It can be used in a variety of settings including school, college and university, and in the workplace for one to one meetings and conversations.

Explore the whole social distancing collection online at iHear today. 


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