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Assistive Hearing Devices

Our origins are in the design and supply of induction loop equipment. We have now evolved and you will find a wide range of assistive hearing equipment, on our online store, providing solutions for people with hearing aids, cochlear implants and hard of hearing.  As well as providing solutions for individuals for everyday domestic and social situations we also supply products and provide solutions, for employees, through Access to Work and Students entitled to the Disabled Students Allowance. The company is registered on the DSA-QAG Specialist Suppliers list qualifying as a provider of assistive hearing equipment for students who have a hearing impairment and qualify for funding by the DSA.

Business Solutions

Changes in legislation starting wth the Disability Discrimination Act, now the Equalities Act, has made companies and organisations who serve the public look at how accessible their premises are. We specialise in creating and providing solutions to help make premises inclusive and accessible for the public and employees.

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